Energy Innovation Needs Assessments 2.0

BEIS is considering a supplier to undertake a comprehensive update of the 2019 published Energy Innovation Needs Assessments (EINAs). The project will be delivered in consultation with government technical and analytical experts and will allow BEIS to build a robust knowledge base to guide UK decisions for the support of innovation in net zero related technologies, systems and processes. Project deliverables will provide insights into the potential of technologies, systems and processes to:

– lead to a reduction in energy and/or decarbonisation costs;

– improve UK energy security;

– generate economic benefits to the UK;

– help meet UK climate change targets;

and help contextualise UK challenges and capabilities in meeting such opportunities by identifying, exploring, and quantifying key UK net zero innovation barriers and enablers.

For background information, the full specification and further information on this project please see the ITT.

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Closing date: 5 Jun 2023