Early career researcher collaborations for global development

The aim of this funding opportunity is to support early career researchers to initiate or develop new international partnerships with researchers overseas in order to tackle the challenges faced by developing countries. You and your international partners may have a previous relationship, but we do not expect you to have worked together extensively.

The EPSRC expect the proposed collaborative project to present a balance between partnership building activities and direct research, as appropriate considering the key objectives of the funding opportunity. The international academic project partners must also have an integral role in the proposed work.

You can request funding to support any eligible international collaborative activities, including (but not limited to):

  • joint research activities: scoping, feasibility, or proof of concept studies
  • travel and networking
  • programmes of exchange visits or staff secondments
  • impact-specific activities

Although the majority of the application should lie within EPSRC remit, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations with international partners are welcomed.

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Closing date: 18 Jan 2023