Digital Upgrade of the UK Greenhouse Gas Inventory System

Procurement of technical and scientific services to

– take an existing detailed specification of requirement
– turn this into a plan for software system development
– construct the new system to estimate GHG and air quality pollutant emissions, ensuring that the outputs of the new system reproduce the outputs of the existing system, or where differences exist these are understood, documented, and accepted
– ensure that an arm’s length Digital Assurance function is provided within the Contract to enable independent scrutiny and sign-off of each finalized element of the solution
– liaise with key users throughout development, to ensure product meets user needs, and align system development with existing IPCC Inventory Guidelines and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) emissions reporting requirements
– Project Manage this work and provide regular updates to BEIS on risks, progress, timelines, and costs

See for more information on the current UK National Inventory System

As well as digital project management, the supplier will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of GHG and air quality inventory methods, and the application of these methods through software. Consortium bids that provide the required scientific and software skills and experience are welcomed.

The approximate budget is £2,000,000.00.

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Closing date: 17 Mar 2023