COP26 – Visions for a Net-Zero Future

Visions for a Net Zero Future is a project led by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and aims to contribute to a successful UK Presidency of COP26.

This project will develop a series of country/regional-specific Visions that bring to life the scientific evidence on different global pathways to a net zero future, exploring science and innovation solutions and the co-benefits and trade-offs.

These Visions will be developed in virtual workshops by regional stakeholders, including technical and non-technical. These workshops will outline the scientific and engineering evidence and opportunities in different future scenarios and involve discussions on the different perspectives, priorities and trade-offs, with the aim of developing a collective Vision of the future.

These Visions will be translated into high-impact, engaging and creative visualisations to support engagement ahead of, and at, COP26.

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Closing date: 26 Feb 2021