Climate services for BEIS

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is intending to procure research, evidence, and translation programme to provide climate services for its workstreams.

The programme will provide up-to-date policy-relevant evidence and scientific advice to inform BEIS policy workstreams. The service will provide transdisciplinary underpinning analysis and modelling, covering a range of sectors including the state of the climate, climate impacts, co-benefits of climate action, decarbonisation pathways, and greenhouse gas removal technologies. It will also provide a comprehensive user-centred translation service including use of innovative data visualisation tools and communications techniques.

A supplier information day will be held on September 22nd 2020 and an ITT with the full research requirement will be published following this event. Attendance at the supplier day is not a pre-requisite for participation in the ITT.

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Closing date: 10 Dec 2020