Build a network to research sustainable agri-food for net zero

The purpose of this opportunity is to establish a single Network Plus (network plus research) on sustainable agri-food for net zero, to convene and catalyse an interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder community and support feasibility projects. These projects will explore how sectoral transformation can be most effectively catalysed.

The Network Plus will provide research and innovation evidence in support of strategies to sustainably reduce or mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the agri-food sector. The Network Plus will also consider approaches to adapt UK agri-food systems to ensure sustainability and increased resilience to climate change and the resulting environmental impacts, including:

  • biodiversity loss
  • changes in land use
  • other ecosystem services.

This Network Plus will support the radical transformation of the agri-food system required to enable the UK to meet its net zero target.

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Closing date: 17 Feb 2022