Advise on the commissioning of NERC’s environmental data service

NERC’s EDS is the focal point for NERC’s scientific data and information holdings. It consists of a network of environmental data centres focused on different environmental domains. The EDS is responsible for maintaining, curating and making available environmental data to all users. This includes NERC researchers and others from:

  • science
  • commerce
  • government
  • education communities
  • the general public.

In mid-2022 the NERC Digital Infrastructure and Data team will begin the recommissioning of the EDS following its initial term. This commissioning will seek to:

  • increase the integration of the network of environmental data centres that comprise the EDS
  • ensure it is suitable for facilitating the growing use of environmental data in a wide variety of applications.

The EDS commissioning fellow is requested to support the team by exploring the opportunities for commissioning and providing independent expertise and advice. This will particularly regard the most suitable and flexible architecture to enable NERC’s data assets to be exploited through new and emerging digital technologies, and the feasibility and cost of options.

The fellow will also be responsible for engaging stakeholders, both within UKRI and externally, to establish:

  • the barriers or advantages
  • the arguments for and against different approaches
  • what best practice exists that could be adopted in this new and exciting opportunity for recommissioning.

Successful individuals or teams will be expected to:

  • meet with the NERC head office Digital Infrastructure and Data team at least every two weeks to share progress and ensure alignment with NERC and UKRI
  • host a series of roundtables with relevant stakeholders across UKRI and externally
  • engage with UKRI policy and engagement fellows in digital research infrastructure
  • engage with cross council digital technology, infrastructure and data groups and initiatives
  • complete a mapping exercise to identify best practices which can be applied to the EDS moving forward.
  • submit a final report summarising evaluation of commissioning options and recommendations by the close of the grant.

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Closing date: 22 Dec 2021