US – UK Battery Technology Research and Innovation Online Summit

In June 2021, the US President and UK Prime Minister issued a revised Atlantic Charter and a Joint Statement in which they committed to strengthen science and technology collaboration between the UK and the US, with a particular emphasis on energy storage. Research into and development of next generation batteries is a high priority, enabling the UK’s commitment to a cleaner, greener and ultimately Net Zero economy.

Supported by the UK’s Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Faraday Battery Challenge, Innovate UK KTN and the Faraday Institution are working together to organise and deliver an exciting online event to bring together industry and research from across the two nations.

The US-UK Battery Technology Research and Innovation Online Summit is the first activity in a larger programme to build and strengthen US-UK relationships around battery technology.

The Summit will consist of conference style sessions and informal networking to exchange knowledge on world class research and innovation around new battery chemistries, battery development, systems and integration, sustainable battery technology and battery regulations.

The mission will explore potential areas of cooperation in sustainable supply chains, safety and regulations will build transatlantic relationships for the future.

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31 January 2022