‘Unlocking Local Energy Plans’ Workshop

You are invited to ‘Unlocking Local Energy Plans’ Workshop hosted by the Energy and Environmental Engineering Group at the University of Reading and supported by CREDS (www.creds.ac.uk) on 13 December 2023, 10:00 to 16:00 at the University of Reading.

This event is designed for local authority, researchers, business, system operators, policy-makers and others interested in current challenges and the future direction of local energy plans with particular focus on greater electrification of demand and distributed electricity generation.

Please register your attendance no later than 30th November 2023.

Funding is available to support travel costs to the event so if required, please make request for support when booking.

This event is supported by CREDS, the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions and is a research programme funded by UK Research and Innovation. The Centre’s aim is to understand the role of energy demand change in accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon energy system, including the technical, social and governance challenges of demand reduction, flexible demand and use of decarbonised energy.

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13 December 2023
Sector hosted