The Rushlight Show

Rushlight Events are designed to promote the development and deployment of clean technologies, innovation, and sustainable solutions. The events are exceptional networking opportunities and they are suitable for small & large companies, advisers, investors, financiers, consultants, analysts, media and other sector followers.

The Rushlight Show is the leading event that brings together clean technology companies, customers of clean technologies, investors and financiers, government and other public sector representatives, advisers, intermediaries, charities and other interested parties in order to assist in the development and successful deployment of new sustainable energy, resource and environmental solutions, right in the heart of London.

The Rushlight Show incorporates:

  • an Exhibition of innovative clean technology solutions, including the Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems Showcase
  • Cleantech Conference, incorporating the Cleantech Innovation Showcase
  • Sustainable Solutions Market Panel (SSMP) of heads of sustainability and procurement of major corporates
  • Natural Capital & Resource session, in association with the Circular Economy Club
  • UK Energy session
  • Investor Lounges
  • Networking

This event is for:

  • organisations that are developing and deploying clean innovations and technologies
  • sustainability practitioners, heads of procurement, business owners and others looking to adopt clean technologies and manage their organisation’s environmental footprint proactively
  • investors and financiers in clean technologies, renewables energy and resource projects and companies
  • firms advising cleantech developers and deployers
  • social entrepreneurs and local community project participants
  • local authorities and government departments
  • analysts, media and other participants of the sector

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10 March 2021 - 11 March 2021