Reoccupying the workplace during COVID19

Reopening buildings safely and inviting occupiers and staff to return will require careful planning and the proper infrastructure in place to accurately monitor building performance.

Good indoor air quality and comfort will be critical for giving occupiers the confidence to return to the workplace, however new COVID-19 health and safety requirements will make it difficult to achieve this. Issues with air quality, particularly thermal comfort, indoor humidity levels, and CO2 levels will be common challenges faced in commercial buildings.

This webinar will brief your team on the practical implications of reoccupation and the measures you can take to proactively manage and mitigate the challenges. Reoccupation is an opportunity to bring your buildings forward into the new normal and give your occupiers the confidence to return. PwC will give insight into their COVID response and the data-enabled measures they’ve been taking. They will also bring to life the challenges and concerns of reopening the office during COVID19.

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12 August 2020