Net-zero, climate change and the food, drink and agriculture sector

This conference focuses on next steps for the food, drink and agriculture sector as it adapts to the impact of climate change – and its role in the drive towards net-zero emissions in policy and business practice.

The discussion takes place in the context of a new agriculture policy landscape and the Government’s wider decarbonisation agenda, alongside changes in public attitudes towards sustainability, as well as the backdrop of challenges facing the sector in adjusting to Brexit and recovering from disruption during the pandemic.

Areas for discussion include priorities for:

  • Government and policy – options for intervention, investment and support for the food and drink sector as it transitions to net-zero
  • agriculture and farming – areas of focus for reducing emissions, including efficiency and productivity, land management and implementing green manufacturing practices and renewable energy
  • the food and drink sector – strategic priorities and the practicalities of decarbonisation

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from the Food Standards Agency; BEIS; Defra; the Department for International Trade; DAERA, NI; the Drinking Water Inspectorate; DfT; the Health and Safety Executive; the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales; and the Welsh Government.

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23 June 2021