Materials for Energy

The transition to net-zero carbon emissions is a massive global effort, requiring significant and ongoing investment and buildout in new technologies, processes and products.

This webinar presents the findings from a recently published Energy Futures Lab and UKERC briefing paper which considers the current availability and development of materials for the energy sector.

Using four illustrative case studies it:

  • assesses the issues relating to the availability and production of materials which are critical to low-carbon energy technologies,
  • investigates the state of development of novel materials in the sector,
  • presents policy recommendations to improve the R&D chain and accelerate the development of novel materials and more efficient utilisation.

Join its authors Dr Aidan Rhodes, Dr Phil Heptonstall and Dr Jamie Speirs and expert guests Professor Neil Alford and Dr Emma Schofield for a discussion of the paper’s key findings, chaired Energy Futures Lab Co-Director Professor Anna Korre.

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31 January 2023
UKERC hosted