Materials for end-to-end hydrogen workshop

The Henry Royce Institute is leading a targeted review of the research and innovation opportunities and challenges for materials, across the end-to-end hydrogen value chain. The findings will be used to inform policymakers and help funders to shape future programmes.

This study covers all applications of materials in hydrogen economy: from hydrogen production and compression; through storage, distribution and dispensing; to end use in transport, heat, energy system integration, chemicals and foundation industries. The activity builds on the community roadmap developed for research on green hydrogen production.

If you would like to take part, expressions of interest are now invited for participation in a focused workshop session. Your responses will be used to inform the study. In order to assist in the final confirmation of a place at the workshop, please indicate your availability and the contribution that you would hope to make. The workshop provides an opportunity to influence the direction of funding for materials issues affecting the hydrogen energy sector and the findings will be reported by April 2021.

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01 March 2021