Excess? Is it reasonable to put a limit on how much energy we use?

CREDS recently undertook a project to investigate households with the highest energy consumption for transport (e.g. cars, aviation) and for domestic use (e.g. heating, cooking, washing). Energy efficiency and demand reduction measures across the economy could contribute around half of the cut in carbon required by 2050.

The research project sought to understand how to best define high energy use, what factors made households consume more energy, and to develop and assess approaches that could lead to fair, radical reductions in energy use.

This webinar will present the findings of the research, share insights from the interviews and workshops undertaken and provide an opportunity for a discussion about the policy options for reducing energy consumption, especially of the highest energy users. Options considered were: i) rationing, ii) structural change, iii) economic (dis)incentives and iv) behaviour change.

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09 February 2022