CREDS – Inadmissible evidence? The role of SSH in EU energy policy

An ongoing debate within the energy research community concerns the neglect of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) within energy research and energy policy (e.g. Overland and Sovacool, 2020; Baum and Bartkowski, 2020, SHAPE Energy).

Why is SSH work on energy often relegated to an instrumental role in promoting “citizen engagement”, “acceptance” and “user uptake”? More importantly, how can we as energy researchers begin to challenge this and build a more meaningful integration of SSH into energy research and policymaking?

This webinar draws on recent empirical work on EU energy policy within the Energy-SHIFTS project, informed by insights from Science and Technology Studies on the co-productive nature of evidence and policy. It will focus in detail on some mechanisms through which the exclusion of energy SSH is reproduced, drawing on empirical material from workshops with EU policy-workers, and analysis of key documents, such as EC funding calls.

It will also highlight some practical suggestions for research professionals and commissioners, in integrating the full diversity of SSH expertise, methods, and evidence into energy research and policy.

Webinar participants (from all disciplinary backgrounds) will be invited to share their own experiences, and discuss practical ways forward.

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14 January 2021