Creative Qualitative Methods for Researching Environmental Sustainability

This joint Sustainable Consumption Institute, Creative Manchester and Sustainable Futures one-day workshop is aimed at ECR scholars interested in creative qualitative methods for studying issues of environmental sustainability.

It seeks to provide a platform for alternative and innovative approaches to studying some of the ‘wicked problems of the Anthropocene’ (Sardar, 2010). Such problems not only require interdisciplinary approaches to understand and tackle them but also non-traditional methods to fully grasp them. Yet all too often such innovative and creative methods get overlooked in favour of standard qualitative methods, such as interviewing and focus groups. Reasons for this include concerns regarding rigour and validity. However, as other studies have illustrated (e.g., Holmes and Hall, 2021; Back and Puwar, 2010) such methods can enable fuller, richer and more indepth data, particularly when combined with traditional approaches.

This workshop will provide academics with an opportunity to hear about and try some of the most recent methodological developments for thinking about and researching issues of environmental sustainability – including practical sessions on photo elicitation, creative writing, playing with materials such as clay, and even stitching!

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23 February 2024
Sector hosted