Carbon pricing after Brexit: delivering the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution

Join the APPG on Sustainable Finance and the Zero Carbon Campaign for a timely conversation on carbon pricing – one of the most important and underutilised tools for decarbonising our economy.

As the Zero Carbon Commission’s recent report highlights the UK’s current carbon pricing system is not yet consistent with the government’s net zero target. Prices are sporadic, significant exemptions exist, and many sectors are not yet covered. A new approach that prices carbon dioxide – and equivalent greenhouse gases – more consistently across the economy can help deliver the UK’s net zero target. However, care and consideration must be given to the speed at which this reform is introduced, as well as the adverse impacts that such a policy could have.

This panel will discuss the UK’s current carbon pricing landscape and the post-Brexit opportunities for reform. How should the UK extend carbon pricing across the economy, and how can this be done fairly, ensuring a fair deal for consumers and preventing the burden from falling on those least able to pay?

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03 March 2021 - 01 March 2021