Senior Decarbonisation Analyst

BeZero Carbon is looking for a senior analyst to work in our decarbonisation consultancy to lead client work. The role will be required to lead and work on our 3Cs of decarbonisation framework:

Collect: Calculate the whole Life-Cycle Assessment (emissions footprint) of the key materials and products. Calculate the operational carbon footprint (tCO2e) of small, medium and large companies across industries.

Cut: create bespoke Net Zero (emission reductions) & Carbon Neutral strategies (via our market leading offset framework) for the operations and / or products.

Communicate: create marketing materials to publicise sustainability achievements / goals to customers and stakeholders, eg via website, press releases, instagram.

The successful applicant will work on exciting projects with clients in a host of industries, including luxury goods, professional services, music, finance, and retail.

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Closing date: 17 Jun 2021