Research Assistant

Applicants are invited to apply for two pre-doctoral Research Assistant (RA) positions as part of the project “System Services in 100% Renewable Grids.”  The project is funded by the Leverhulme Professorship held by Professor Mark O’Malley and aims to investigate services needed in 100% renewable electricity grids.  The efficacy of the services will be assessed across multiple objectives for the electric grid including but not limited to reliability, cost-effectiveness, affordability, and resiliency. As part of the project, emerging resources enabled by the digitalization and hybridization of energy systems will be modelled and their contribution to existing and proposed services will be studied to identify any potential revisions to resource participation models.

The project team will include Prof Mark O’Malley (Leverhulme Professor), Dr Elina Spyrou (Leverhulme Lecturer), four post-doctoral Research Associates, four pre-doctoral Research Assistants, and four PhD students.

The RAs employed within the project will undertake individual research projects leading to a PhD degree.

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Closing date: 19 Feb 2023