Postdoctoral Researcher in Energy Demand Observation

The Department of Engineering Science in central Oxford is seeking a full-time or part-time Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Energy Demand Observation to join the Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory (EDOL). The post is funded by EPSRC Grant EP/X00967X/1 and is fixed-term for three years.

EDOL will establish a world-class Observatory of 2,000 representative GB homes with high resolution, longitudinal, technical and social data with the aim to better understand energy use. The programme is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Geography and the Environment (Oxford), the Department of Engineering Science (Oxford) and University College London. The instrumentation for the Observatory is developed in dedicated Laboratories of 100- 200 homes. Novel and innovative instruments will be rigorously tried and tested. Only solutions that satisfy requirements of reliability, value for money, data quality and privacy will be deployed at scale in the Observatory.

Your role is to develop such solutions. This can involve IoT connected devices, physical sensors or other instruments, including non-intrusive methods and inferences from a variety of data sources. You should have some experience with experimental work involving sensor hardware or non-intrusive methods and be comfortable with handling large amounts of personal and sensitive data. The role requires you to collaborate across disciplines and to work with suppliers of soft- and hardware solutions. You will manage laboratory projects and support end-users of EDOL data.

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Closing date: 9 Feb 2023