Postdoc in Local policies for sustainable urban mobility

Chalmers (Frances Sprei) currently have an opening for a post-doc that will develop methods and analytical approaches to better evaluate local policies and measures related to mobility. They are looking for a candidate that has a doctoral degree in a relevant field, including (but not restricted to) transportation, economics, energy. The degree should generally not be older than three years. They are looking for a candidate with good analytical skills, preferably with experience of survey analysis, statistical tools, mixed methods and experience of working interdisciplinary.

Major responsibilities

Cities are faced with challenges related to mobility such as carbon emissions, local pollution, allocation of urban space and well-being of their citizens. Part of the challenges are related to the dependence on private cars. The Swedish Climate Policy Council points out that existing policies to reach a transport efficient society are weak. In order to address this, cities in Sweden have started looking at different policies related to parking such as flexible parking-norms and developing larger urban areas with restricted parking. Previous research has shown that the causality of the effects of lowering minimum parking requirements are hard to establish given the low quality of evaluations. Real life projects and naturalistic settings pose challenges when it comes to evaluations and following best practices such as randomized controls. The aim of the project is to address this issue through better analysis and evaluation methods. Part of the task will be the analysis of surveys to end-users and city officials, as well as gathering and analyzing data on parking and mobility options. The postdoc will be involved in two different research projects: one about parking norms and mobility services and the other related to parking policies in cities in Sweden (KomPark lead by IVL).

Teaching up to 10% might be included.

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Closing date: 8 Aug 2020