Machine Learning Research Engineer

Open Climate Fix is looking to hire a talented and climate-focussed individual to help research and deliver a machine learning-based service for forecasting solar energy generation.

You will be joining as our second Machine Learning Research Engineer, exploring novel approaches to help mitigate climate change. In this role, you will be working on a diverse and stimulating range of projects, including architecting high-volume data pipelines, developing deep learning models and prototyping applications, implementing software libraries, and interacting with the broader Open Climate Fix research community.

Not only will you be researching how to apply the latest developments in Machine Learning to reduce the effects of anthropogenic climate change, but you will also help turn viable approaches into real-world products.

In the short term, we will be focusing on developing our first product, solar electricity Nowcasting using cloud motion prediction with a leading industry partner. You will work with the entire Open Climate Fix team in delivering a product from data engineering, machine learning, validation and implementation. You will be part of the team building the solution yourself as well as engaging with open-source contributors.

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Closing date: 22 Jan 2022