Innovate UK, Executive Chair

Innovate UK are seeking an inspirational leader with extensive business experience, international standing and a proven track record to lead as its Executive Chair. The central priority of Innovate UK, under a new Executive Chair, will be to transition from a grant funding body to an agency focused on transforming the UK’s innovation capacity and capability, taking full advantage of its considerable growth in budget.

The new Executive Chair will be expected to actively strengthen the organisation’s position within key markets, providing impactful thought leadership to the UK’s innovation system. As the pivotal funding body for business R&D, especially for start-ups and SMEs across the country, the Executive Chair will be expected to develop and implement system wide strategies for investment that promote the UK as a global leader in R&D and technologies of the future.

Main Responsibilities, shaped by the government’s commitment to be a science superpower and working closely with the UKRI CEO, Innovate UK Council and other Research Council Exec Chairs, will be to:

  • Set out a vision and objectives for Innovate UK, focusing on transforming UK innovation and making the most of Government’s investment in business-led innovation across the UK.
  • Lead and develop Innovate UK’s strategic approach to the funding of business-led innovation, both directed and responsive-mode programmes, to ensure that the UK is a global leader in innovation.
  • Actively engage with the business community, academic community and government to develop and catalyse new ideas and approaches, and communicate what Innovate is offering to businesses, as well as what it is achieving.
  • Be a core member of the UK Research and Innovation Executive Team, led by and accountable to the UK Research and Innovation CEO, to deliver best value from the overall science and innovation funding system and actively contribute to the development and implementation of the overall strategy of UK Research and Innovation.
  • Be a transformational leader for Innovate UK to ensure the organisation delivers the best possible innovation system for the UK.
  • Work collaboratively across UK Research and Innovation Councils to foster interdisciplinary work and build on collective capabilities, providing support and challenge when required to further innovation across the UK.
  • Work alongside UK Research and Innovation’s ‘Innovation Champion’ board member to promote and champion innovation and business interests across UKRI, including identifying and promoting opportunities to support business innovation.
  • Develop and deliver the organisation’s Delivery Plan in accordance with ministerial priorities, maximising efficiency and efficacy, and ensuring value for money from public investment
  • Represent and develop positive relationships between Innovate UK and its numerous and diverse stakeholders in government and public funding agencies, industry, higher education institutions, academic and research communities, the third sector, public and internationally.

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Closing date: 28 Sep 2020