BEIS Committee requires five Specialist Advisers for Post Pandemic Economic Growth inquiry

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee wishes to appoint a number of Specialist Advisers to help advise its members as part of its major new inquiry into Post Pandemic Growth in the UK.

We are looking for five Specialist Advisers from a range of backgrounds, who work or have recently worked at senior levels in industry, finance or academia. Each Specialist Adviser will be responsible for advising the Committee on its work in shadowing each of the five working groups that the BEIS department has established to advise Ministers, covering:

  • The future of industry: How to accelerate business innovation and leverage private sector investment in research and development
  • Green recovery: How to capture economic growth opportunities from the shift to net zero carbon emissions
  • Backing new businesses: How to make the UK the best place in the world to start and scale a business
  • Increasing opportunity: How to level up economic performance across the UK, including through skills and apprenticeships
  • The UK open for business: How to win and retain more high-value investment for the UK

The Committee intends for the group of Specialist Advisers to represent a cross-section of the economy, providing additional sectoral insight, beyond the individual leadership of each working group. Specialist Advisers will, as required, be invited to contribute to the discrete sub-inquiries launched as part of the super-inquiry on Post Pandemic Growth – for example, in reviewing the Industrial Strategy or Devolution in the UK.

The work will be ad hoc (and no more than two days a week), and will mostly focus on the provision of sectoral data, economic analysis and research to help the Committee to engage constructively with emerging government policy and to provide scrutiny and oversight in key policy areas. Where appropriate, you will also be invited to take part in engagements with businesses, unions, and other organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to our work across the five working group areas.

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Closing date: 1 Sep 2020