Kate Scott

Kate Scott

University of Manchester


Kate is a NERC Industrial Innovation Fellow investigating a climate compatible Industrial Strategy. Kate’s project will develop methods to downscale global assessments for local-level decision making across sectors in order to facilitate the delivery of a climate compatible Industrial Strategy for the UK. This represents a unique interdisciplinary programme of work that will directly link climate and social science, bringing together scientists, policymakers and the industries that will ultimately implement the plan. Kate is involved in the ADVENT project which explores future UK low-carbon energy pathways and quantifies what they mean for stocks of natural capital and for the provision of ecosystem services.

Other research interests include the integration of resource efficiency into climate mitigation policy and the impacts of energy and climate polices on global sustainable development goals. She employs scenario methods and input-output analysis to both quantify the emissions consequences of consumption patterns/ trends, and to evaluate policy opportunities at different spatial scales.

Website: https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/kate.scott-2.html