John Broderick

John Broderick

University of Manchester


John’s research considers climate policy and emissions accounting for energy infrastructure and international transport. What are the consequences of choosing between different technologies? What are the impacts at different time scales? How do various energy sources fit into decarbonisation pathways?

Previous projects have addressed smart grid interventions, demand response in commercial buildings, unconventional gas (shale and coal bed methane), and carbon offsetting. I am particularly concerned that academic findings are made relevant and accessible to policy making processes. To this end, I have given evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, acted as a reviewer for DECC, IEA and IPCC outputs and been commissioned by the European Parliament to provide a research summary on unconventional fossil fuels.


John joined the Manchester group in 2006 working on international carbon trading. Upon completion of his PhD he took up an EPSRC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship focussing on targeted consultancy projects with organisations outside of academia, for instance Electricity North West, Friends of the Earth and The Co-operative. He then worked full time on the H2020 project DR-BOB for a short period before taking up his current post.