In 2021 we re-focused attention on making videos to help communicate some of our key outputs. These cover the following topics:

  • The UKERC Review of Energy Policy 2021
  • Risk and investment in zero-carbon electricity markets, featuring Rob Gross
  • Director Rob Gross and Will Blyth at COP26
  • UKERC research for net zero
  • Local energy systems, featuring Jan Webb
  • The energy modelling survey, featuring Neil Strachan
  • Green jobs, featuring Rob Gross

Watch each of these videos below.

UKERC Review of Energy Policy 2021

Published: 14 December 2021

2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy policy. In our Review we focus on gas and the UK continental shelf, industrial decarbonisation, heat, mobility and the environment, we look at developments both at home and internationally and ask whether the UK is a leader in decarbonisation.

Risk and investment in zero-carbon electricity markets

Published: 17 November 2021

In this video Director Rob Gross provides a high level summary of the recent UKERC paper on the future of electricity markets, highlighting why it is so important. Access ‘Risk and investment in zero-carbon electricity markets’ here.

UKERC Director Rob Gross and Will Blyth at COP26

Published: 4 November 2021

Thursday the November 4th was energy day at COP26 when the main negotiations turned to energy-related topics. Watch a video of Rob and Will Blyth at COP26 discussing energy day and the green grids initiative  below. You can also read a blog by Will about this here.

UKERC Research for net zero

Published: 1 November 2021

On the 21st of October UK Research and Innovation hosted a parliamentary reception to highlight the role that their funded research and innovation investments play in tackling climate change. We attended this reception and developed the video below to highlight some of key research outputs. Read about the event here.

Local energy systems

Published: 8 July 2021

UKERC Co-Director Jan Webb MBE discusses local and regional energy systems. Touching on both the benefits and challenges of implementing local solutions, she highlights that by utilising distributed energy resources connected to the local network, net zero could be met more more equitably and satisfactorily.

The energy modelling survey

Published: 2 June 2021

Prof Neil Strachan from UKERC’s Energy Modelling Hub discusses their survey of UK energy models. In this video, he  draws on results from the survey, discussing some initial findings including the scope of modelling in the UK and who hosts, maintains and uses models.

Green Jobs

Published: 3 March 2021

UKERC Director Rob Gross discusses the concept of green jobs, highlighting their importance to the economy and the difference between net and gross jobs impacts.