UK Energy Resilience: looking to next winter and beyond

The energy crisis, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, is affecting millions of people worldwide. It has generated much debate around where we source energy, how we use it and how to protect consumers who are struggling to pay their bills.

In response to these issues, the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), Energy Institute (EI) and Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) are teaming up to present ‘UK Energy Resilience: Looking to Next Winter and Beyond’, a virtual event that will take place on Thursday 26 May 2022.

We will consider how the UK can best to respond to the energy crisis by exploring both short term actions, or priorities for the coming winter, as well as longer term actions and how they intersect with the wider net zero transition. The event will run in two sessions that address these timeframes individually.

Collectively, UKERC, EI and RAEng represent thousands of researchers and professionals working in energy. We will draw on the expertise of our members and stakeholders to review the evidence as it currently stands and discuss how we might improve the UK’s resilience going forward.

It will be the first of two events – we will be running a follow-up event in October to discuss new developments that unfold over the summer.

The agenda below outlines the topics that will be explored in each session.

Session 1: The energy crisis – priorities for this winter

09.00 – 10.35

This session will look at priorities for the coming winter and will consider aspects such as the role of energy efficiency and behaviour change, electricity market design and how to secure diverse supplies of gas.

Contributors include:

  • Prof Jan Webb MBE, Professor of Sociology of Organisations, University of Edinburgh and UKERC Co-Director
  • Dr Joanne Wade OBE, Chief Strategic Advisor, The Association for Decentralised Energy
  • Prof Rob Gross, UKERC Director, Professor of Energy Policy and Technology, Imperial College London
  • Dr Simon Bennett, Energy Technology Analyst, International Energy Agency
  • Prof Keith Bell, ScottishPower Chair in Smart Grids at University of Strathclyde and UKERC Co-Director
  • Andy Manning, Principal Economic Regulation Specialist, Citizens Advice


Session 2: The energy crisis and the long-term transition

11.00 – 12.35

This session will cover topics including the view from the CCC, the long-term role of gas in the transition and barriers to rapid deployment of low carbon generation capacity.

Contributors include:

  • Dr David Joffe, Head of Carbon Budgets, Climate Change Committee
  • Prof Mike Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy, Warwick Business School and UKERC Co-Director
  • Simon Virley CB FEI, Partner and UK Head of Energy, KPMG
  • Dr Jenifer Baxter, Director of Innovation and Policy & Head of Protium Wales and Member of the National Engineering Policy Centre Net Zero Working Group
  • Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist and Policy Director, Greenpeace UK
  • Rachel Cary, Head of Policy, Review of Electricity Market Arrangements, BEIS

This event will take place on Zoom and is registration-only. Please register here.

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Sawyer on We look forward to seeing you there!

26 May 2022